to explain some of the terms used on the description pages:

web hosting

paying a third party company (Web Hosting Service Provider) to keep your website files on their servers.  This gives customers 24 hour access to your website, without pop-up windows or banner ads at the top of their screen.  It also gives you business email addresses in connection with your website.

domain name registration

gives you an Internet address (URL) in yours or your business’ name.  And example of this is:

search engine submission

advertises your website by entering the URL into the most popular search engines, so whenever anyone on the Internet searches for a site containing the subject matter of your pages, the domain name will show up with a link and they can visit your site.

page sets

a matching set of background colors, pictures, buttons, divider bars, etc. that coordinates the look of your website.

information gathering form, guest book or
comments registry

this gives you feedback from your customers, where you can have them fill out a form with contact information, or sign your guest book, or have a  Questions and Comments Form be submitted to your email address.


those ads you see at the top of the page on commercial websites.  You can use this banner to exchange with friends, or submit it to a banner exchange group on the Internet which displays your banner on other people’s Web Pages in exchange for you displaying theirs on your Web Pages.

hits counter

this shows how many people have visited your website.

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