Web Design

Some general descriptions and pricing outlines for website packages are listed on the following pages.  Specific requests and changes will change the prices quoted.

The term Monthly Webmaster Fee includes monthly website hosting service, registration of domain name, regular routine maintenance of your site, and up to 5 additions, updates or changes to existing pages per month.  New pages for existing sites are created on a price per page basis, depending on what the page contents are.

Stand Alone Service includes design and set up of your Web Site at the same price, and as described in the Package description, but excludes any monthly services or fees, web hosting service, and domain name registration.  Your Web Site will be set up on the Internet on the web hosting service that you provide and the name servers of your pre-registered domain name changed to point to your new Web Site, plus it will be listed with search engines on a one-time basis.  A CD with all of the contents of your Web Site will be sent to you, or access to your Web Site online will be provided.

(Unlimited corrections to the web pages are included if errors are on the part of Crystal Angel Designs.)

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