Welcome to Crystal Angel Design.

 Having your own website is not difficult or time consuming, if there is someone who can help you set up and maintain the pages.  Our service offers you many types of design packages.  You can be as involved in the design, upkeep and management of the site as you wish.  If you have no time or inclination for programming, then let us do the work!  If you love being involved in every step of the process, we would be glad to work with your desires and ideas!

We can design, create, program, upload, maintain and manage your website for you.  Any of these services can also be handed over to you.  Please email us and let us discuss with you your needs and ideas for a web site of your own.

Pricing for creation of a website is based on the requirements for the site.  We believe you will find our rates quite reasonable when  compared to other professional website designers.

 Some samples of pricing for website creation are included on the “Web Design” page.  If you are interested in obtaining a website for yourself, please contact us via the contact form or regular email and we will be glad to discuss with you your special needs and concerns.

Crystal Angel also offers custom graphic designs for your website, business or personal use.  This design service includes ad banners, page sets and buttons,  calling cards, custom designed logos, and signature graphics for email.  Information about these services is located on the page “Graphic Design.”

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